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Date: 1/28/2018 9:43 AM PST

40 Fords
40 Fords have been one of our favorites for many years. We have helped build and modify several
in our shops and have sold lots of parts for others to build their 40's with. 
The 40 is one of the best looking early Fords Henry built. Whether built as a stocker, hot rod, street rod, racer or custom, the 40's body lines lend themselves quite nicely to each style. Stockers and most street rod styles get and need no body changes except maybe minor cleanup. Of coarse racers are going to be built with stance for their particular use. The custom crowd is going to be the ones that change the looks the most with chopped tops, shaved moldings, bumper changes etc. It doesn't really matter what you do to a 40, if tastefully done, they all look great.
The 40 Ford came in several body styles with the coupe and convertible being the most popular, follower by the two and for door sedans, sedan deliveries and the pickups and panel deliveries. Of course, the holy grail for 40 Ford owners (and 39's) would be the 39 convertible sedan, with a few that were made into 40's for the 1940 Worlds Fair. Enjoy the following examples.

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