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Date: 2/3/2018 9:11 PM PST

We just returned from the annual Winter Turlock Swap Meet put on by the Modesto Area A's. We had a great time but didn't buy much. I noticed that prices for raw materials, that is, the old cars and parts, has gotten to the point of crazy. I know some of you will say, "Its all original Henry steel". Two things here. One, the cost of building hot rods has gotten to the point that it is restricting the who can play. If we all want the younger people to get into this hobby, so it can continue on, we are going to have to help make it somewhat affordable for them. I realize that there are only so many 32 Ford sedans or 34 Ford coupes left but, unless these people that have these old hulks have figured out how to take them with them when they leave this earth, they might want to rethink their prices. Two, (remember I said there were two things here), it looks like a lot of these project cars the people don't really want to sell, they are just fishing or want others to know that they have them. I mean really, 11K for a beat up rusty 32 tudor body on a hacked up frame? I realize that ego has a lot to do with our hobby, and that isn't all bad but don't let your ego keep others out.
That's my rant for today. Please enjoy our hobby and encourage others to join, we're losing participants everyday.

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